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Обзор приложения - Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper

Комментарии к видео оставляем здесь - Приложение Slideshow...

1 Minute App Review - Forest Live Wallpaper

This is our first '1 Minute App Review' series! The first app we try is called Forest Live Wallpaper for Android Try this app now if you want:

Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper / Automatic Wallpaper changing

Bringing Movement in to your still wallpapers on your homescreen! Isn't kinda boring to have one and the same picture frozen on to your homescreen of your smartphone or tablet or constatly...

Top 3 Automatic Android Wallpaper Changer Apps

In this video, we will see top 3 apps for Android using which one can automatically change wallpapers. These apps lets you configure when you want to change the wallpaper, like 5 mins, 15...

Photo Slideshow Live Wallpaper

Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper

Available in Google Play Full-screen slideshow of your favorite photos. Fast, easy-to-use and determined...

Top 10 Live Wallpaper for Android , ആൻഡ്രോയിഡ് ഫോണിലേക്കു 10 ലൈവ് വോൾപേപ്പർ

ആൻഡ്രോയിഡ് ഫോണിലേക്കു 10 ലൈവ് വോൾപേപ്പർ LINK CUKI HD OPTIC BALL :

Gallery Live Wallpaper

Display your favorite images in a dynamic high-quality slideshow right on your Android home screen! This live wallpaper allows you to select any images on your device and control how they're...

Musician Slideshow Live Wallpaper for Android

Musician Slideshow is a live wallpaper for Android, which displays images from Wikimedia Commons: based on your music collection. This video demonstrates Musician...

Video Live Wallpaper - Android App Review

Set any video as your live wallpaper with Video Live Wallpaper for Android. Reviewed by TalkAndroid. Please visit our original post for more information at

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