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Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper

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Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper displays your favorite photos, wallpapers and images in full screen. Enjoy your gallery albums every time you use your device, or whenever you want to watch your new photos. You can use Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper both as live wallpaper and regular app. You can customize slideshow modes, timings, in/out transition effects, transition time, order and more! You can apply color corrections to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your photos. You can even use a special daytime feature to simulate automatic daytime (Google Location Service must be enabled).
Key features:★ The fastest and smoothest slideshow app, ever!★ Parallax 3D effect (iOS7 style)★ Multiple albums support★ Various transitions and camera modes★ Easy-to-use settings with interactive preview★ More features inside!
Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper is the best choice in many cases:★ When you get boring of static wallpaper too fast★ When you want your wallpaper to change once a day★ When you like photos on your background★ When you return home from far away and want to share your impressions together with friends and family★ When you want to enjoy your best moments with photos★ And so on...
Double tap with two fingers on screen to force change current slideshow image.
Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper optimized to bring you the best performance, very low battery usage and very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface with interactive preview.
Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper is suitable with all phone and tablet devices and is Full HD ready. It works with all custom launchers and provides auto-pan mode for those which do not support wallpaper scrolling.
Watch the video before buying. Please enjoy!
Double tap with two fingers on screen to force change current slideshow image.
In order to preserve original image quality, automatic scrolling will work only when image is wide enough.
Automatic daytime is on by default. If you don't want your photos to be darker, more contrast and less saturated at nighttime, please disable it via Settings / Color corrections / Automatic daytime.
The faster slideshow change, the more battery usage would be. We do not recommend less than 10 seconds slideshow intervals for live wallpaper usage.
Large images need more time to be loaded. To conserve your battery life, we do it with the lowest priority. Please be patient if an image does not change immediately.
The app is using cache for optimization. You may want to clear it sometimes via Settings / Apps / Slideshow HD / Clear cache option.
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